Why Take Notes During a Wine Tasting

Have you ever wondered why you’re given a note card and pencil when you visit a winery for a wine tasting? If you are new to wine tasting you may be a little intimidated by the note cards. However, note taking during your tasting is easy at any level of knowledge and experience with wine if you understand the purpose of the notes. 

One of the main reasons to take notes while tasting is to help your memory. Usually wine tasting involves multiple vintages and varietals. So you’ll want to remember several things about what you taste:

  • What’s on your palate? The wine tasting notes provided at a winery give you guidance on what you might see, smell, and tasting during your tasting. But it’s just a guide. You may not smell or taste everything that is listed, or your might even find something different on your palate. So take notes to help you remember what you discover.
  • Which did you like the best? The first wine you taste might be amazing. But the third or fourth wine you taste might be even better. Or you may find that you take a couple sips and dump the rest because it doesn’t fit your tastes. Whatever the case, make note of what you like and what you don’t so you can either purchase a bottle at the conclusion of your tasting or know which bottles to look for in your local wine shop.
  • What would you eat with it? There are times when you take a first sip of wine and think “if only I had …. to eat with this right now.” It could be a steak, pad thai, pasta, or braised short ribs (my favorite!). Making a note of what food you think would pair the best will help you remember how you should serve the wine when you get home with your new bottle.

So next time you’re doing a wine tasting, make sure you jot down a few thoughts to help you remember why you liked, or disliked, each wine so you can what you’d like to buy or try again in the future.


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