5 Best Netflix Movies for Wine Lovers

We love getting away for a wine tasting weekend or day trip. It’s like a mini vacation, even if the trip only lasts a few hours. But some weekends we are stuck home adulting and not able to get out to a winery. To help us get our fill, we like to open a bottle of our favorite vino and turn on a Netflix movie about wine. Here are our absolute favorites!


If you think you knew anything about wine, you’ll throw that idea out the window after watching 10 minutes of Somm. This entertaining documentary follows 4 candidates through the process of preparing for the Master Sommelier exam. Released in 2012, you learn about each candidate’s backstory and work history and how it plays into their prep leading up to the exam. You also see the varying processes they use to prepare for the exam, including a massive stack of flashcards and a personal tasting trainer. Watch to gain a whole new perspective into the intense world of a sommelier.

Somm: Into the Bottle

If you loved the first Somm, you might like Into the Bottle. It’s a very different story than Somm in that it features interviews with a number of sommeliers and winemakers telling the story of wine – what it is and why it should matter. You’ll watch 10 mini documentaries in this Netflix movie covering various facets of wine from its history in the old world and new to how wine is making a mark in its industry today. Between passion and war in its history to the way wine is sold today, you’ll gain a new perspective of what wine is to the world today.

Sour Grapes

Not so much a story about wine as much as an intriguing biography of a con man, Sour Grapes is an incredible documentary that will leave you wondering if the story is fact or fiction. The movie tells the shocking story of wine counterfeiter Rudy Kurniawan who lived a life of selling rare bottles of wine to connoisseurs convinced they were investing in the real thing. But, eventually the truth caught up to Rudy in one of the most shocking stories of fraud to hit the wine industry.


If you had any doubts that getting into winemaking is hard, this wine documentary on Netflix will convince you for sure. It’s a story that shows what it takes to get into the wine industry in Napa, California as told by a host of winemakers. Learn about the uber competitive Napa wine community where history means credibility and the lack of history means… well, it’s tough being the new kid! This will give you a whole new perspective on what appears to be a luxurious lifestyle and how hard the work really is.

A Year in Champagne

The elite beverage of France is the star of this documentary telling the story of 6 Champagne houses. From small independent producers to some of the most renowned houses, you’ll learn the full spectrum of the sparkling wine making process in this renowned region of the world. It’s an informative documentary that will leave you with a true appreciation for the French’s special relationship with this wine.

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