At WineTastingTrail.com, we love wine. We love wine tasting. We love wine tours. We LOVE all things related to wine, travel, and food.

And we want the world to fall in love with wine tasting the way we did on our first wedding anniversary over 15 years ago. While we were still in the early years of our marriage, we began visiting wineries around Virginia and quickly found the hobby we share to this day. Our wine tasting getaways have helped us to try new wines and learn about the art of how grapes are grown and winemaking. Some of our best memories include bumping into winemakers, artists in reality, chatting with them about their art, their wine.

After visiting our first winery for our first wedding anniversary, we set a goal of visiting all of the wineries in our home state of Virginia, which at the time numbered about 80 in total. Today there are over 250 wineries in the commonwealth, yet we have visited over 80! We haven’t been able to catch our goal of visiting all the wineries in Virginia, but we have reached our goal of visiting the number we set back in 2001.

We have also traveled for wine to California and North Carolina to visit wineries, and we have a goal of visiting many more places.